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This strikes me as being completely random about these two sisters. I can sense there is a good relationship that will be between them as they get older,

but I liked the character of the Mother most, especially her repeating line of "Love each other, please love each other you were created for this..."

Great job-I liked it.
As a mother of one year old twins I completely related to this article. My husband recently described our parenting roles as "Constantly putting out fires." I would work on getting your spacing in there and organzie your paragraphs a bit more to make it read nicer.
Cute title. Definitely stood out of the list--it grabbed my attention enough to click on your article and read it (always a good thing :-D ). Nice job.
I love your style here. I was pulled into the prayer of the mom.

I like the pace of your story, it's fast just like those busy little girls. I also can relate...I babysit my two granddaughters who are three months apart in age. They're 3 years old now and, along with my 18 months old grandson, keep me hopping. As they have gotten older, the fights have lessened. Hallelujah! I too sugget that you work on separating paragraphs and organizing your events a little more. Lots of creativity though. You'll do great!
Enjoyed the story - the pace was good and I liked the lesson.
I noticed a couple of spelling errors and I agree with the other comments, putting some spaces in between paragraphs could make it an easier read.

But, keep up the writing! : )