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Amazing, wonderful, what else can I say. Thank you, this article was so well done, I loved the side by side style. God Bless the little children.
This piece was great! I loved the parallel comparisons of both heavenly and earthly fathers. You gave us a very poignant piece and wrapped it in a fun and joy-inspiring read. You were right on target. Great job!
I enjoyed your article!
Keep on writing
Enjoyable read! We all have a wonderful Father, don't we?
I love the beautiful comparison! Delightful!
Absolutely loved this. Thank you for something beautiful and joyful to read and can be read to children when explaining who God is.
it is a blessing that your daughter has such a positive role model to set her view of God at an early age.
Absolutely wonderful comparison/contrast. My heart is filled with this knowledge. Thank you.
Very well told with lots of good points. You captured a child's way of noticing her world and those around her very well. Favorite sentence: "Daddy may look at the sun on nice days, more inportantly, he looks to the Son"
I TOTALLY agree with all the comments, ESPECIALLY the last one. I would add one more. "Out of the mouths of babes..."

Like the way you took the daughters words and expanded them with such insight so that an adult could understand what the child knew intuitively.
This is so beautiful. A treasure to keep forever. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Couldn't be any more perfect! :)
I love this! Thanks for bringing it to my attention on the message board. This is BEAUTIFUL!!!