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Very different personalities indeed! I found myself wondering more about Desmond, why didn't he say something, do something, etc. I wish there'd been a tad bit more, because it seems like there is more to the story. Good job though! ^_^
I would love to know more, but with a word limit of 750 it is hard to put in all you would like. I was disappointed in Desmond also, it would have been good if he had taken more responsibility. I did enjoy the story, and I could hear the narrator's voice. Well done.
Your description of the personalities involved seems very realistic. Though the limit of 750 words probably makes it impossible, it would have been great to have 'seen' their personalities in action, rather than the information given as description.
You did a great job desribing such differences in siblings. Amazing isn't it.

Would like to hear more about the resulution of the problem. Keep writing.
I agree with the others who commented. I would love to see you take this and expand on it. What you have here is good, and you had me craving more. I would like to see what happens to the father and how the brothers manage to cope with the changes made.

Thank you for sharing.
This is a good start for a great story indeed.
Nice article about four brothers. As one of four sisters, I can relate. Good dialogue. Flowed smoothly. Keep writing. Nice job.
What a great insight into a family situation, with such an interesting mix of personalities. Very nice job of writing!
Your opening description of "Hal" made the resolution believable to the reader. I think we all would desire for the Christian to be the one to "help" the situation, however, the fact that you included detail describing the "distancing" of his Taoist family from him and his beliefs gave good explanation for his hesitancy to step in. Nice job. :)
I hope you DO expand on this where you don't have that 750-word limit. You have a very good start here, and would love to see more!
AUTHOR'S COMMENT:Just for the readers to know, this article although written in fiction, is actually based on a true story. The reason for the story beginning by 'telling' rather than 'showing' is because of the need to provide essential background before going into the plot, and because of the word limit for writing challenge. The Christian character in the story although appears disappointingly passive, is the way he is, because of his cultural environment. In a traditional family such as his, the youngest usually has little say in any family matters, and given the 'soured' relationship with his parents, it is not unbecoming for his behavior.