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This was very cleverly written! I needed a good laugh right now. Your humor reminds me of many of my own writings. You really have boldness and pulled this off. I enjoyed reading your entry alot!:0) Thank you. Keep up the humor. I can see this in film, so cool. God bless. Janice
Wow.. you jumped out of the box and smashed it flat!! Amazing creativity! Not reading this Bambi story to my kids though...LOL
Oh my! This is such a hoot. Who would have thought Bambi had been lying all these years. Humour and more humour! You had me hooked from the very first sentence. Excellent job!
Ha..Ha..Ha... very creative!
I liked the part about not aging and all the plastic surgery. It's a good example of sarcasm about the Hollywood industry.
Well done. **THIS SPARKLES**
Love, love, love the humor. Great unique writing on the topic. Excellent job!
So many great lines - too many to enumerate. Good, good writing and really bold and funny.
Very clever. I love her last name--Fawndoo. Too funny.

This had me chuckling throughout. Nice take on the topic.
I chuckled out loud in several places. This is very creative, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Wowzer, this is brilliant!
I laughed out loud right here: Hey! Is this interview about me or that sloshed fur ball?

Had me laughing thoughout the entire story. I love your Tabloid TV Show and your characterizations of Bambi's "friends". Definately the most creative one I've read so far.
Doereen Fawndoo...very clever. Very creative. Very funny!
Very creative Josh. Good way to have an enjoyable story without over dramatizing. Sometimes we need something lighthearted.
This is great! You had me chuckling throughout the whole piece. Brilliant!
Very funny... and very good!! Definitely unique.
This is so, so, so wonderfully funny! Thanks for this light-hearted romp!
This is too funny! Great way to lighten up this week. Thinking out of the box is your gift.
This had to be as fun to write as it was to read. SO much fun and creative. This is a great swan song (or deer song LOL) for beginners, my friend.
Even your title is right on.
What a way to step outside the box and remain on topic. Your creativity and talent shines. Keep it up.
Josh- what a wonderful write. :) You had me loving this UNTIL I got to the part about Bambi's father being "nailed by a Ford F-150 pickup truck". That was devastating! I saw the news report! Why do they HAVE to show all the gory details!! This set me to weeping all over again. :{ You're hilarious, cruel, but hilarious. :)
Whatever talent you have cooking in that head of yours is about to blow the lid off! If this "out of the box" entry is an example of what you have been holding back then all I can say is "Stop holding back!" Your rocket is on the pad and you had better be ready to launch because NOW WE KNOW HOW TRULY TALENTED YOU ARE!
Josh, this is hilarious! And you were doubting your talent (insert finger wag here). I loved every bit of it. What a clever twist on an old classic. Way to go!
Very clever take on the subject. Very good reading. You are a good writer.
Oh deer indeed! Very nicely done with the sarcasm and the interview POV of view, it gave a different twist to the old story. ^_^
Very funny and creative. Your use of fictious names is priceless and your dialogue is so believable I'm wondering which one of us has been watching to many ET interviews!
What a fun piece to write! Absolutely hilarious! Loved the sensationalized gossip magazine backdrop/interview. And the title is perfect! Excellent writing! You need to write a book!!! :)
I thoroughly enjoyed this excellent satire.
Hio Josh,
I enjoyed how you set the scene and bent the chracters at first, but then I felt a Disney spell coming on and I didn't know vertigo from there.
But seriously, well done.