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Wow! What a simple, yet effective way of showing motherly love. The parallel style was VERY well done. You could feel the emotions of the foster mother so clearly.
The format was very effective and the subject emotionally involving. I can't think of anything harder than having to give up a baby one has already grown to love and bonded deeply with. It surely does take a lot of agape love to want only what is best for another, even when it means pain for ourselves. Nicely done.
You did an excellent job of showing the powerful emotions connected with being a foster parent. Your writing is very good. Nice job with the topic.
Excellent writing showing the foster mother's love. Great job on topic.
What a beautiful but sad story. I love the foster mother's releasing of her fear and sadness to the Lord.

I wanted to see the family to retain custody of the baby they have grown to love so much.

Superb job on the topic and so very well written. Nicely linked to the Bible account of Solomon's wisdom too - well done.
What a moving way to approach the topic, and your format is extremely well put-together. This stirred up lots of emotions within me. Well done.
This is a very well-written and creative approach to the topic! You did a nice job with both perspectives and showed the self-sacrificing nature of many foster parents.
Excellent work! :)
Smooth, simple, uncluttered, yet so real. I feel for both the baby and the foster mom.
Oh, so sad! The reader wants desperately for there to be a happy ending...excellent writing; I like the back-and-forth style.
This truly moved me - excellent.
I love the prayers of the foster mom. Wonderful job with this tender topic. Keep writing!
A former pastor of mine and his wife had two foster children, and they said it was excruciatingly painful to give them up. You captured the emotions of a foster mother very well in this.

I liked the format that you used, and the scriptures at the end worked perfectly for this. Though not the biological mother, the MC was in a sense the true mother because she was willing to give up the baby and trust in the Lord to take to care of the child, no matter what the final outcome was. I sure hope it was a happy ending.
The emotion is well shown here. I cannot imagine going through this.
You captured the motherly emotions very well here, especially through a foster mother. Very well done, I liked the touch of the prayers in italics. Nice touch! ^_^
Marlene, great job with this story. This story signifies a great defect in our domestic adoption system. It is a defect so strong that it sends people overseas to pay $20,000 to adopt, as opposed to adopting with no cost here in America. Having been very close to adopting domestically in the past, this story hit home for me. I wish that I could be strong enough to open my home to a child in need without worrying about how I would be emotionally affecting if that child had to go back to a potentially dangerous situation. May God be with your friend who inspired this story.