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Thank you for sharing this. There is so much emotion behind the words, it comes through.
Your pain is so obvious. Take comfort in the Scriptures: thou shalt be saved and thine household. and the other one: God is not willing that any should perish.
This is obviously the cry of everyone's heart. When a loved one doesn't have a realtionship with Christ, yet, it does express these feelings. Thanks for sharing.
My heart aches right along with you. There is nothing more desperate than a loved one who is acutely ill and don't know the Lord. The prayer you pray for your mother is one I would pray for you, too. That God would release you from this painful situation. Let your mother see the light of our God in you. Let her see His soothing peace as you care for her. Then leave her in His hands. God is faithful.
This is not just a story about your love for your mother, but a heartfelt plea to the Lord for your mother's salvation. You have written this very well and I pray God will lead you in the best way to show your Mom the Savior's love.
You have written a heartfelt personal narrative. There will be many here at FW who join in your prayer for your family. Continue writing. It can provide release, peace, and support for your spirit as you minister to your mother. :)
Edmond, I have prayed for your mom, as my mother entry was also a prayer for mine. May God give you wisdom as you interact with her, and if she will not listen to you, may God send another to whom she will listen.