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You shared some very tender memories of a special aunt. She sounds like she was quite a lady and fun to be around. Thanks for sharing this touching story.
Good story, well told. Autie Edie's cooking sounds fab.

Really enjoyed the piece. Thanks!
I really enjoyed your vivid descriptions in this piece. I could almost taste the food, and my mouth was watering as I was reading.

Your aunt sounded like a really neat lady. I think you should print this story out and share it with your loved ones. They need to know about this great woman and the legacy she left behind.

Thank you for sharing this. :)
Your writing is really descriptive. My favourite bit was probably a leg on each corner, a tail, and a mane. I was hooked from the second part of the first sentence. You could have expanded Paragraph #11, but other than that you have shown her so well.
Nice memoir. Lots of good details calling to the sense of sight, more with the use of smell and/or touch could also enrich this piece maybe - ? Just a thought. Nice job. :)
Love all your memories of the food. Nice details, keep it up.
When I first started reading, I thought Aunt Edie had a drinking problem which would form the basis for the story. I'm glad I was wrong. Some lovely memories there. Thanks for sharing.
Charming story of a charming aunt.
Isn't it odd how relatives can endear themselves to us? You've done a great job of showing why this aunt is so specail in your life.
Oh, how sad to end that way, but such a fun read! I liked Auntie Edie, so fun! Especially with betting buttons on the horse races and winning a halfpenny. Cute! ^_^
Such a beautiful tribute, but the idea of raw sausage makes my stomach turn. Great story:)
This is a nice memory of your aunt. It is written well, and flows quite nicely. Good job with the topic.
Great job of showing us so many aspects of your aunt. And the practise of 'magazines under the sofa cushions'- must have been something they did 'those days.' A friend gave me some old sofas, and each has dozens of old magazines stuffed under the cushions from the elderly lady who used to own them. In German, too!