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I must say I felt rather creepy reading this entry. Is it supposed to be a take on what is happening in the media right now? That is even hard to watch on the nightly news.

Wow - I feel like there is a lot going on here that is a bit unclear. I also wonder if this is about the LDS thing in the news. I was definitely engrossed.
What a creative out of the box approach to the subject. Well done, keep up the good words. I enjoyed the riddle at the beginning and again at the end. Great job.
Satire has been used in the past to shock society into seeing the reality of a particular cultural perversity. This is what I sensed in your story - a purposely light address to a sad, sad circumstance. In my opinion you succeeded, especially with the closing that exposed the true brutality of this cult and lack of feeling for the individual. Good writing.
Very good! I've been intrigued by all of the news of this group, and your story is excellent speculation on what life must be like there. I enjoyed it very much.
This was fascinating and kept me engaged right to the end. A thought-provoking piece. Well done.
This concept leaves me speechless. I would not even be sure it fits the topic, since who knows what these people are to each other. GAG-G-G

By the way, the writing is well done. :)
Definitely the writing is well done!
Oh wow! This really gets to the heart of why this kind of perversity is wrong. The mixed genetics alone makes my science-oriented brain reel. God has reasons why He gives us "rules" to follow and this story really points out the terrible trouble this kind of behavior brings on children. (Do they actually make the young men leave or did you use artistic license on that issue? It makes sense, but how creepy.)
This is very different! You brought this piece to life and so sad too...the ending with the same ryhme you started with was good. ^_^
Very interesting story, and the writing is quite good. This entry is perfect in light of current events.

I got a little lost with the dialogue--who was speaking when.

Very unique take on the topic. I enjoyed reading this very much.