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Ohhh - this is so poignant and wonderfully descriptive and EXCELLENT. You brought tears (real tears) to my eyes. I can't imagine you'll be hanging out in beginners for long.
This was indeed moving, a very good piece, you were able to do a really good job of catching the raw pain.
Wow (drying eyes now), this was really powerful. As a new mom, who also had a hard time getting my wee one, this really hit home. If the story is true, I hope the parents have found peace and comfort. Thanks for sharing!
Great job capturing the mood of this piece. Being part of a short entry it leaves a lot of questions unanswered for the reader, but being so compelling, hope to read more in the future which will provide some of these answers. The heartache was deftly expressed. :]
Oh I just loved the titke and how you used it at the end. So many of your descriptions hit the mark perfectly.
Keep up the good words.

Great title, and I love the mood of this. There were a few things I'd tweak--like if they're already at the graveside, wouldn't the coffin be closed? But the melancholy here is perfectly rendered.
Lovely emotional writing. You demonstrated the feeling of wanting to hold on in spite of death so well. I was wondering where Christopher David’s parents were all this time, but I suppose including them would take it off topic.
Wow. The title is perfect, and the writing is very good.

I agree with Jan, I was a bit confused about why the casket was open at the graveside.

This is a very good entry.
You are killing me...
What a heartwrenching, emotion, well written piece. Amazing.
Wow, I didn't see the ending coming. Now I know why you said to bring a hanky. You built in enough suspense to keep me reading right to the end—and that ending was incredible. Well done.
Excellent portrayal. I hope the parents find comfort in each other and in God, and don't let that wedge get any bigger...
Oh my. So incredibly sad! I didn't know at first that he'd died, I thought they were in a hospital, but by the end, wow, very well done, but so sad. ^_^