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I like the way you incorporated your personal "dream" of being a father into the opening paragraphs of this entry. A man who desires a family as much as you do will be ready to take on the challenge of children and wife, I'm thinking. My prayer is that God grants you peace and patience while you wait for His perfect timing! I enjoyed hearing this kind of thinking from a male perspective.
Wonderful beginning, with a very smooth transition into reality.

I'd suggest that you not "give away" your little twist by your title. And FYI, "The Magician's Nephew" isn't the first of the Chronicles of Narnia.

Excellent writing all around--I really enjoyed reading this.
Ugh! the office cubicle, where everyone becomes a merecat when something happens in one of the other cubicles.

Great story. To have a dream and rely on God to fulfill that dream is a great goal.

Loved this story. Well done.
Creative take on the topic, refreshing. I agree about the title, I started reading, wondering when the dream would end. Glad you spoke-up for single men - they too dream of parenthood - not just women! Blessings, Angel
I love your dream. That sounds a lot like my house at night--we do a lot of bedtime reading! You have the gift of seeing things through others' eyes and making it very realistic. Good job.
Great entry. If I worked in a cubicle I'm afraid most of my day would be spending falling asleep and dreaming. Of course, my dreams wouldn't be so noble as yours.
I don't usually comment on my own entries, but I wanted to clarify something.

When I mention The Magician's Nephew as being the first book in The Chronicles of Narnia series, I am referring to the chronological order that the books are read in and not the order in which the books were first written and published.

I just wanted to clarify that. I probably should have left out that bit of information in order to avoid this confusion.
Josh, this is another wonderful entry! Thank you for sharing your dream and your heart. Good job!
I agree that the title, though fitting, distracted from the beauty of the dream. I enjoyed your well-written take on the topic.
I'm having trouble finding too much wrong with this. It flows nicely, has a lovely message, and is a good read. It would make a nice article for a Christian publication. I hope you consider submitting it somewhere.
I so enjoyed this! It was well-written and showed a very tender side. Kudos.
Very well written. Sharing a dream is a tough write, and you have done it well. thanks.
Josh - the dream part of this was absolutely wonderful, and I was knocked out of your dream just as hard as I imagine you were. I truly appreciate your voice here. I also agree you should submit this somewhere. VERY nicely done!
Very nice, Josh! I especially think the writing where you described the dream was strong. I hated that you had to wake up in a cubicle. Bravo!
Oh Josh! Wow! I loved this. It really shows your heart. It about ripped mine to shreds. Such wonderful writing, Joshmeister! Wonderful! Wow!
Oh, I love the real emotions. This is beautifully written.
This is beautifully and tenderly written, and I especially loved your ending.
Very nice! I liked the 'dream' and I especially like how you thought of it as a castle, with a lovely queen and a baby princess. That made this very tender and sweet. Great job. ^_^
Josh, nice entry. I think a lot more males dream of fatherhood than you would think. FYI--I'm only 28 and my kids already think I'm a dork. Age and "out of touch" aren't related!!!LOL.
Beautiful story and transition.

One of my Life Group members prays daily for her future husband, that he will know the Lord, and that God will make her the wife that He purposes and that her future husband cherishes.

She does not know who the Lord is preparing to be her husband yet, but she is faithful to pray for him everyday.

Pray with the confidence of knowing that God will answer, far beyond your wildest hopes.

This is a beautiful piece that really touched me. Great work.
No, your desire is not mad. I often imagined having kids, and used to have these realistic dreams in which I was married, and then wake up crying because I was not. Of course, all past history now, being married 14 years with two busy kids.
Also, I don't think a father need ever be replaced, or stop being cool to his kids. Build a good relationship with them, and it will pass the test of time.
THat was awesome! It evoked deep emotions. I don't really know what to say, I am for one of the first times in my life virtually speechless.