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What a wonderful step-dad you are, and that's a great approach to this week's topic.

I'd caution you against opening with a cliche (blushing bride). There are so many other ways you could describe a bride, and you want to hook your reader with something they've never read before.
Apart from the 'blushing bride' as Jan pointed out, this was awesome! You made me cry, and almost wish I had a step-dad!

I don't think you will be hanging around the beginner's section for long...
Is this a true story? True or not, it was really good. You capture the stepfather's inner struggle and made it real. I felt the knots in my stomach as he struggled to think of the appropriate words to speak. It felt real. Good job.
Now you have gone and ruined my day. My eyes will be red until tomorrow. Steps are such a unique bunch, so glad yours turned out to be so wonderful.

Real or not, either way you are blessed and I can't stop sobbing.

Can't wait to see who this is.
A great read. Good characterization.
With so many stories about fathers this week, it was surprising to read one from a father's point of view.

Beautifully written, I could actually hear the father speaking speaking throughout. Well done, very well done indeed.
Okay, let me dry my eyes before I comment.

This was very touching. I like the take on the topic to use a stepdad.'
I thought the speech a little elequent for impromtu, but not totally unrealistic.
The rivalry between the two dads was well-written.
Tenderly and honestly written. Very nice. :)
Congratulations on your Editor's Choice. This is very moving and will bless many to come...
Beautiful - this brought a few tears to my eyes. Not over the top - just simple and heartfelt.
This is wonderful! Congrats on your EC with this!
Congratulations on your EC. This is really well written, and a powerful message. Nice job.
Congartulations on EC! This is an beautiful, beautiful homage to a God-centered mixed family.

Thank you for sharing this with us, it is extremely touching and real. Thank you for portraying the "Dad" that Christ calls us to be.

Take care and once again congratulations, your EC listing is very well deserved.
My wife had a 9-year-old daughter when we married five years ago. The terms "step-dad" and "step-daughter" have never been allowed in our hosue.

This is an amazing piece of writing, all the more so for being submitted from level 1.

And now I know just what to say at her wedding (some 30 years from now).
Congratulations on your EC and welcome to Faithwriters! Great job on this story. I look forward to reading many more from you.
Hi Terry - congratulations Wonderful story, well written I had a tear or two. I really enjoyed your story. Good luck and Keep writing.
Congrats on your well deserved EC win. I am a step mom and consider that role icing on a great cake. You portrayed that well.