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I like this piece because I think it's something to which many people relate. I think we always wish we could remember more about people who have passed on. It's so true that sometimes while talking about those who have passed on that memories come to the surface. It was very well written and for the space alloted, you really give us an understanding of what she felt from when she received the news of her father's passing to when she returned home.
I love the conversations between the friends. Sounds so authentic.

I lost my mother when I was young, so I could relate. Enjoyed this read.
A dear personal narrative. Nice job. :)
I really enjoyed the memory of the socks getting ironed. This story has a somewhat melancholy feel to it. Very open and honest with a great conversational feel.

I appreciate you sharing this.

I loved the open communication between the two girls. Great dialogue.
The natural conversation between the two friends is the strong point in this story! It's full of visuals and moments of simply "thinking". The scene in the home seems less "put together" somehow, though it has good visuals, too. It's a good story that tells the reader a lot about this sad moment in this girl's life, but it isn't too maudlin or sappy.
I think quite a few could relate to this. I felt happy that her friend helped her to remember a few more and I chuckled at her Dad ironing her socks with the lace. It was a good read. Nice job! ^_^
Oh Lynne, this was very touching. Good job, girlfriend!