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There is a lot of conviction in your writing, but it might be a more effective read if you broke it down into smaller paragraphs. Particularly online that makes it easier for the reader to scan.

Also, although I basically agree with many of your points, I'm curious about your target audience. While this may work as a wake-up call for people who already more or less agree with you but are slipping into moral relativism, I think it's a tad agressive if you're trying to change people's minds. But overall good writing and intelligent sentence structure--a nice effort.
Excellent, hard-hitting message. Thanks for sharing your convictions and heart with us.
I know you are 'right on' with your doctrine.
Having raised five children, I also know that God created them with a will of their own.
I know that God's word does not return void but feel your readers might be made aware that the chance of their children "testing the waters" can also occur.
Until I lived it you could not have convienced me otherwise. thank you for your stand.