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Oooh, this was good! I really liked the twist at the end, it fit the title and everything. You did great with the first person POV and especially the gift that could either be a 'gift' or a 'curse'. Great job with the emotions here. ^_^
You moved me through a range of emotions, and left me teary. I love how you ended this with just the note. Good job.
Well- written, with good word pictures, such as the marionette and lead apron.
Bitter-sweet. It would have been nice if he had had the lawyer give the grandson the box before the eulogy.
You had some great descriptions in this story. Your gift of words is evident.

I loved the ending. Sadly, many loved ones die without ever accepting Christ into their heart, but I'm glad that this grandfather did.

I look forward to reading more entries from you. Keep up the good work!
This is a good read! I felt like I was in the home after the funeral. The ending is superb. Kudos.
Very good job showing MC's emotions and the descriptions are great. Excellent job!
Well done. I loved the title you chose. Your descriptions were great and I really liked the ending. It showed us that maybe we will be surprised at who we see in heaven. Thanks for sharing this.
Wow, this was really creative! I've read lots of "accepted Christ at the last minute" stories, but nothing resembling this one. Super!
Great job. I wasn't sure how it was going to end.
Isn't God's timing wonderful! Creative and original--keep writing.
I was sure it was going to end tragic.. so glad he was saved after all. His character really seemed to fit the idea of him doing that.
You moved me from despair to joy in this story. I cannot think of anything more sad than believing a family member has died without Christ. I am so glad you were given that box with the note.
Well done.
Well done!