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Ohhh, what a neat story! My word for this would be 'charming'! I like the title and especially how the ending turned out. It was fun to see how that particular story was being 'handed' down. (and funny to hear about running away to join the circus!) Great job! ^_^
The title is an attention getter. Of course, I was thinking it would be maternal and paternal grandmothers that a child was talking about. A pleasant turn to see the child as the second grannie. I enjoyed it a lot!Good idea, good story.
I love the circle you used in this delightful story.
I loved how the granddaughter ended up telling the same story that she loved so much to her own grandchildren.

Sometimes people tell me that I should join the circus because I'm a big clown. Hmmm...I think I'll pass since I really don't want to get stuck cleaning up after the animals (though getting drenched by the elephants might be fun).

A fun story, that I enjoyed very much.
How wonderful to see a story being handed down through the generations like that. Cute to hear how the circus handled the boys - by disappearing while they were asleep.
What a wonderful way to show how stories pass from generation to generation. I liked how the first Grandma taught about God while passing down her history.
This was a wonderful, very well written story. Great job!
This is delightful and fun. I love how you strung us along with Anna as she encouraged her grandma to retell the familiar story. Then the ending...where she tells her own granddaughter...that was great. Love how it circles back around; that was effective.
Precious, Lynne. Great tie-in for two seemingly unrelated stories. Characters and actions were very real. Great descriptive story-telling. :)
Great family atories have a life of their own. I love the way you illustrated this. Nice job!
Just chock-full of charm and personality.
A wonderful lighthearted entry that changed my mood. Creative and masterful, keep writing.
I enjoyed the story telling within the story. This is delightful. Great job on topic!
Truly, a family of gifted story tellers. I really enjoyed this and could just picture myself, beggin to hear the story again and again.
Wonderfully written story-- hope this propels you to Level 2 (Intermediate)!
I loved this, Lynne. Stories passed down through generations are priceless!