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Your Granny reminds me of my own grandmother. You put me right there in the farmhouse with you. Great job!
Great description of the place and of your grandmother. There is no way not to be sentimental about those days. You have beautifully shown and developed an understanding of just how important we are to the young ones!!
Wonderfully told memories. I love how you tell that want to return to Granny's, even tho the brick & mortar still stands. The repeated "Oh," at the beginning of sentences becomes a bit of a distraction rather than the sentiment I think you meant it to be. I like how you came back to the "winding lane" from the beginning - and make it the winding land of your memories. Nicely done!
Your picture of granny is complete, your descriptions are vivid and bring back memories of my grandmas.
Going back into the past seems so attractive, and tasty, just now.
Wow. You got me wanting some good home cooking with a nice slice of apple pie. Wonderful detail and descriptions in this story! I could see how you would miss that experience. What special memories.

Thank you for sharing this. It's a great story. :)
I enjoyed reading your reminiscenses of Granny. Great story and a sweet legacy to give your daughter!
Lovely, very visual piece. I think I need to get a snack LOL. Enjoyed this so much.
Yum! Homemade apple pie. There is nothing like it. The memories are well narrated. Good job. A couple of small typos, I think you left the work "could" in the first sentence, and "beaconed" should I think, be "beckoned".

Wonderful walk down memory lane. Well done!
Congratulations, Carolyn, on placing 15th in your level with this piece. Great work!
Carolyn, thank you for posting the thread to this wonderful piece. I can see why it ranked as high as it did. There is something very straight forward yet charming about your writing style. You were able to put the reader right at home with you and bring about the wonderful sense of smell and feelings. Great job and congratulations again on your placement.
Yes, Carolyn, I often wish I could go back to another time and another place! I loved spending the night at my Grandma's house, too, and I used to collect stories about her childhood and youth when I'd visit as a young adult.

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely, well-written remembrances with us! I especially smiled when reading this paragraph:

"She did have running water, but the outhouse beaconed you for your goodnight visit. I hated to make my evening trek down the creaking, wooden steps and over the uneven ground in the dark. No flashlight ever invented could shed enough light to ward off the spooky things that go bump on a hoary autumn’s eve."

I look forward to reading more of your work!