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Wonderful story! My favorite part was when the grandpa was describing each of her facial features and comparing them to her family members. You have wonderful dialogue and descriptions here.

I saw a few commas that were unnecessary and should have been replaced with periods, but those are minor errors. The content of this piece is already wonderful, and with just a tiny bit of polish, it would be sparkle even more.

Thank you so much for sharing this.
What a beautiful story of encouragement!
You caught my heart in this story. Thanks for writing.
What a wonderful example of a grandparent's ability to uplift and encourage. I loved the line: "Youre not just some old coot, you are my old coot.

Wonderful read; thank you for letting us have a peak at your grandfather.

What a great grandpa. Thanks for this beautiful portrait. Keep writing.
Wow-you're some grandpa! Your granddaughter must be very proud of you (I hope you showed her this story). Thanks for sharing a beautiful conversation with your dear loved one!
My favorite part is where he tells her how she's made up of the best of the family and talks about her eyes and chin and ears, etc. This has a terrific message. I want to remember this.
This touched me deeply. Great writing. Sweet thoughts and sentiment, and very encouraging to us grandparents that we CAN make a difference. Thanks for the gift!
This was beautiful. Great descriptions. It was wonderful the way he gave meaning to all of her features.
What a beautiful story; very well written. Great job.
You've drawn a great portrait with your MC's words. Nice job.
What an encouraging and uplifting piece.

Grandparents really do play a special role in the lives of their Grandchildren.

Thank you so much for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Tender and sweet, and I really like the "old coot" exchange.
What a wonderful grandfather, loved his wisdom. Great job!
Beginner? Wow. Great job.
This is beautiful! A lovely exchange between grandfather and granddaughter. You dialouge was good and especially your ending that tied in with the title. ^_^
This is very good. Love the tenderness and the message, too. I predict you won't be in beginner's long.
Wow! Excellently written piece. I can see you going to Level 2 (Intermediate) soon!
Congratulations, Terry, on placing 10th in your level with this piece. Great work!
This was really good, I enjoyed it and it was a great story. here's one of mine 4 U
Thanks 4 your comments on my 1st ever entry.I needed that. God bless