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You almost gave me a heart attack, when I read that Grammy had fallen out of the wheelchair. I was so relieved when she was alright. I liked her humorous attitude towards the whole situation.

A nicely written story. I really enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for sharing.
Great title for the story.

All your characters were developed well, and it was fun to read.

Nice humorous take on the situation. Grammy, must of been a person who looked at the glass half full. I love people like that.

Oh my! I had visions of broken limbs left right and centre when Grammy and the wheelchair went hurtling down the stairs.

You have a nice combination of humor and seriousness in this story. A very enjoyable entry. Well done!
Your Grammy was quite a lady! This was a delightful story to read.
This is the kind of little old lady I want to be! You described her well.
Your article flows so well and holds our attention so that with the happy ending who can find fault anywhere keep it up.
Lovely - great descriptions, and I adore your title, and the very last sentence. Sums it all up perfectly. Enjoyed this.
nice description of events - very expressive. I could just picture in my mind her legs looking like toothpicks sticking up with the pink slippers on - very funny touch. good story.
I thoroughly enjoyed this.

It kept my attention throughout the story and had me on the edge of my seat as she "Jounced down the stairs".

I too chuckled like Grammy.

A wonderful contribution, Thank You.
What a great mix of funny and not-so-funny! You balanced them exactly right.

Take a look at this phrase: ...sitting in her wheelchair wearing a pink dress and white sweater...<.i>

It sounds as if the wheelchair is wearing the dress and sweater. A comma would do the trick, but I enjoyed the image...

You wrote the incident almost cinematically, and I could picture every action. Well done.
Lighthearted and touching ride, keep writing.
This was an enjoyable read and the memories are priceless. I also like the last line.
Your last line captured a treasured moment in this piece! I love it-so tender and heartfelt, especially the ride down the stairs, that brought a chuckle! Good job! ^_^
I chuckled at the thought of the image of Grammy's dress revealing knobby knees as her 'fancy toothpicks' stuck up in the air. (tehe) I could visualize the whole scenario and could grasp the wide range of emotions going on.

Very, very good ... and with a little embellishment (showing us as well as telling us) we could be a part of trying to reach out and grab a wheel!

Loved it MF.