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Wow. This story made me both sad and joyous at the same time. The hummingbird part of the story was beautiful.

It helps the reader if you put some white space in between paragraphs. Also, there were some minor typos and grammatical errors such as missing and misplaced commas and periods. The word there at the end should be "their." These are minor problems though, and they can easily be fixed.

With a little work, this already superb entry can be that much better. Thank you for blessing me with this today.
This is a beautiful tribute to your grandma. You made me feel like I knew her too.
As with all comments, this is just my opinion. The title gave me the impression that this story might be humorous. Here are a few possible titles that came to mind which might be more similar in tone to this lovely reminiscence.
Hummingbirds and Honeysuckle
Moving Out
An Empty House
Before Life Begins
This was a beautiful line that caught my attention. It is well put.

She taught me, “God gave winter on purpose you know, Death always has to come, before life begins.”

I especially liked how you tied the apron tears together. The Grandma dried tears with her apron in her life, and now her apron still dried them when she was gone. This was very powerful to me.
What a wonderful tribute to your Grandma. The hummingbird story was sad, but lovely at the same time.

Grandparents can have a huge influence on the lives of their grandchildren as is demonstrated by the line: "Our relationship was eternal. It had been the Bible verses that she taught me, that had brought me to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ". What better legacy can a grandparent leave?

Just a little hint, always put lines between your paragraphs; it makes the entry much easier to read.

Well done, thank you for sharing the memory of your Grandma.

It's wonderful that you have so many memories to cherish of your grandmother. I'm sure that is a blessing you will always be grateful for!
What a lovely story. I really enjoyed reading it and could identify so with your feelings. Well done.
A striking account of your love for your Grandmother and of course, her love for you. Beautifully written and what a wonderful story in the hummingbird. A few little mistakes but nothing a good preview won't fix. Some spacing always helps too. Thank you so much for sharing and God Bless.

I too can't wait to give my Grandma a big hug, I do miss them so!