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I am so glad that Jacob and Roha chose to love the new baby just like they would any of their other grandchildren. What a wonderful ending.

You have a number of spelling and punctuation errors. The word super should be "supper", seat should be "sit", threat should be "treat", etc... These mistakes are easy to correct though with some careful proofreading before you submit.

Also, it really helps the reader to follow your story if you put spaces in between your paragraphs and dialogue. Each time a character says something, it should be on a new line. For example:

The boy was a whirlwind, he was just one year old but full of energy.

“You know that boy takes after you” Jacob said grinning.

“What do you mean by that?” Roha said feigning anger.

“Well he has your energy, he can’t just seat still”

With a little bit of work, this story could be even better. Thank you for submitting it. Keep on writing.
What an interesting story. So different to what I was expecting. I've never thought about the reaction of Joseph's parents to the marriage and the birth of Jesus. Well done for being brave enough to try this.

Yes, as Joshua said, it is always good to have a line between each paragraph. It makes your entry so much easier to read. If you cut and paste your story from a Word document, all you need to do is put double lines between the paragraphs and this will become one line when you paste it into the submission area.

Well done though on a very different slant on Grandparents.
Good job! You have some minor problems but they are easily overlooked. I didn't have a clue you were writing about Jesus until you actually spelled it out to me and then it was very obvious! Very good. Hope you continue to write. You have talent.