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What a sweet story, and a huge encouragement to those who think their life's call is defunct.
BTW, (just a tip) when posting things online, the rule is to put the space of one line bewtween each paragraph so it is easier to look at.
Oh, I hope this young lady is real--you certainly made her seem so. Good job.

A closer proofread for small typos and punctuation errors might be in order.

I must be getting old--I got worn out just reading about all of her energetic services. This was a nice read.
What a great reminder that there is ALWAYS something we can be doing for God--even when it seems we've been set aside. An enjoyable read.
It is obvious the love and admiration the writer has for Allison and it is not only well deserved, but well presented, too. It is nice to get into the head of someone so devoted and see what makes them tick - what drives and inspires them. And, you did this with your story. I haven't read the other coments, so I don't know if someone didn't mention that leaving spaces between paragraps makes reading a bit easier. With this kind of writing, I doubt you will be in Beginners for long. Congratulations once again.
Allison is such an inspiring, dedicated woman, and I'd like know someone like her! Thank you for sharing her story in your well-written piece! :)