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Very strong message here. Thanks for sharing
Ohhh, this is beautiful! I love the analogy at the end. You described her patience in the midst of her pain. I could her the different characters.(perhaps dialogue from the butcher might have been better)
The title fits it perfectly.
Thank you for writing this.

A lovely piece. Such a great job of showing the struggle, the emotion, and the message.
Wow, this was a powerful and beautiful story. The MC's attitude is one we should all have. Beautiful job. God bless :)
Wonderful story. I love the MC's attitude to all the others around her despite her own pain. She surely was planting seeds of love. Well done, very well done.
A very beautiful and powerful illustration of the topic. Nice job.
Absolutely precious!

I don't think you need the note about "towhead" at the end.

Andrea's final speech was just gorgeous.
This is a lovely story and such a powerful message. If only we all lived with the same attitude as your MC. The check out scene was so true to life. Well done.
Lovely story with a good feel for the irritation of the cashier and a godly response in spite of her. Your ending was great!
This is wonderfully written and very touching. I can't think of a better way to illustrate this topic. It's something we all should try to do: water seeds of kindness and love in spite of our circumstances. I'll be thinking of this story when I feel grumpy dealing with my illness this week. There's no reason NOT to try being kind-as much as possible.
Well written. Touched my heart since I have been seeing my mom suffering many of these same symptoms because of cancer. Very realistic. :)
A wonderful story with a beautiful message. Thanks.
Very challenging story for all of us.. not too many of us are in her shoes, but we can all choose to have he attitude. Thank you so much for sharing.
Tenderly told and masterfully presented. Great job. God bless.
And, I didn't know what a towhead was..
LOVE this! What a wonderful story, written very well with such a strong and beautiful message. Bravo!
I grew up with 3 "towheads" (my brothers and sister) and then there was me, dark, curly hair. So, no explanation is necessary. Now, on to this emotionally impactful story. It carries a great message and you were able to (with great skill) bring the reader into the MC's situation and show her tender/changed heart by her actions and her thoughts. I liked this, too, because it shows us some of the opportunites we pass up each day to sow a few seeds of kindness. And, too, it shows there are others suffering right beside us, and how by just a few simple words, we can demonstrate God's example of care. You continue to develop as a writer and it shows by the skill you've used in this piece.
This is very nice. I love the positive message, although your MC's outcome is unchangeable. Well done.
Wow, what a wonderful message and well written story. I really enjoyed reading this. Thanks for explaining what a towhead is.
Great descriptions of Andrea's feelings. The comparison of the dying plant was perfect.
Great job. Keep writing for Him.
I appreciated the towhead explanation, because I didn't know what that term meant.

This story was beautiful and sad at the same time. It is a good reminder that our days are numbered. We must choose how we live them. I would hope that we could all spread seeds of happiness to those we come in contact with.

I really hope you place high this week with this story. It was wonderful. :)
Ouch and amen! This thought usually goes through my mind AFTER I have been short with someone. What a powerful reminder to leave a legacy of love and relationship!
Excellent, from title to conclusion.
I did not know what a towhead was until I was nearly 25 and gave birth to our second child.
Excellent writing. You describe what she is feeling and thinking so well. And the cashier, I had forgotten all those common questions until you reminded me! A real reminder to us every day. Very good story.
Such a unique, down to earth piece. I think we may have a placer here. Thanks for the hint or I would not have been blessed by your prescious MC.
Keep up the good words.
Your last paragraph/lines are really deep. I like how you tied it in with your title. How true it is that we think later of how we've acted. Your line with "will death be my legacy" stuck with me. Great job! You're getting better with every piece! ^_^
Yay! Up to level 2 you go! ^_^ ***Congrats on your win! ***
Jodie : ) Way to go! This is well deserved and it's great to see you moving up. You've got quite a talent and it shows. I really enjoy your work. Loren
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is a very good story for the topic, and well written. Nice job.
Wow. I loved your story. It was emotional and thought provoking, and sad, that she didn't realize how much time she wasted being angry, until she knew she was dying. But, it was wonderful that she decided to change her legancy. Very well written. Congratulations on placing first and moving up to level 2.
I LOVE this!!! Congratulation first place, Jodie!
A moving, touching piece. I felt I was standing there with her. A life lesson reminder. Wonderful work.