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A very interesting picture of the "Pearly Gates". I liked the part "Moses walked over to the front of the crowd and spread his arms apart, his staff tightly held in his right hand. The crowd began to separate, leaving a path for Peter to walk through."

A truly sobering reminder that we have a limited opportunity to come to Christ and once that is over, it is too late. How foolish of David, and how sad, not to have taken the opportunity when he had it.
A very good take on the topic. Well done.
(smile) Although, we couldn't say this is Biblically accurate, it's got a good message and well done.
I like the section with Moses parting the crowd.
I'm sure there will be many who will be like David Carter and wish they had listened to those who had witnessed to them.
Thank you for writing this.
My favorite part was Moses parting the crowd too. Well written and a humorous story, yet sobering at the end. Well done story! God bless :)
Creative and fun (except for the end bit, of course). :)
A very creative take on this topic. And it is perfect for the topic. Fun and lighthearted at the beginning, but ending with the sobering truth. Nicely done.
Really clever, fun, cute--with just enough zing to get your point across.
Creative, funny (loved the angels driving forklifts) Good message at the end! Nicely done, Joshua.
Super take on the subject. :) I had a real visual of the forklift plowing around the ethereal Heavens. Good job, as always.
Very clever...I really liked it. I truly pray that there are no punch cards or time clocks in heaven!
This would make a cute skit. Th ethought of taking a number after the rapture is mind boggeling. That's a lot of numbers!

I see a lot of improvement in your writing. Looking forward to next quarter's work.
You put a humorous and light feel to a serious topic. Good job!
Cute story with a powerful message. May all those we love realize the truth while the "sun shines".
At first I found the lightness of this piece a bit disturbing, but, it occurred to me that many people have this view of heaven and this may just be the type of story to introduce the realities of a dark eternity to them.
Thoroughly enjoyed this story. The humorous approached worked for me, keep writing.
Great story Josh!!! I may pass this one along to my mother to see if it would reach her. I'm sure it would be a nice follow up to the conversation that we had on Palm Sunday where she berated my sister and I for being a bunch of "Holy Rollers!" In all seriousness, you took a very important topic and told a story in a light enough way that although they may not agree, non-believers may at least read it. Nice job. I'll let you know what she says about it.
Reading the comments above, I have to say I liked the Moses part too. Definately on topic. That's entertainment!
I enjoyed your story. The pacing is great and story really held my attention! Keep up the great work.
I loved this fresh take on the "pearly gates" of Heaven! Very creative and while it may speak of David's need to have accepted Christ, it also encourages those who already have!
Oh, this is good. I see what you mean by a light fluffy brick with a deeper ending. The ending is sad, I was with Peter when he said that it was such a hard job sometimes. What a sobering reminder. I liked the bit with Moses though, that was cute! Nice job! ^_^
"Let my attention go". Yes, Moses stole the show. Excellent job. Great, honest writing. Enjoyed this very much.
I enjoyed your story very much. What a creative, fun way of getting an important message across. I love your descriptions of heaven and can see everything happening. Great writing. And thanks for sharing. God Bless
Hi Josh, I missed this while I was on vacation. WOW! Great to see your writing style improving every week, and I love the diversity of style that you bring each and every week. Well done. ;)