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Very cute story and well done! God bless :)
I don't recall giving you permission to write a story about me!!!LOL. Very creative and realistic. Nice job.
Ahhh the ubiquitous "To Do List". So many times I've crossed off "Today" and changed it to "Tomorrow". But Iíve done the ironing this morning, and defrosted the fridge, so I donít feel at all guilty about sitting here reading all these great entries :) Well done.
Ah, yes. I think many of us can see ourselves in this story! A cute way to get the message across!
You pegged many of us. I use the same excuse after reading Christian articles. :)
As for red ink, be sure to get the whole story into one tense, and if you can italicize, then put your thoughts in italics.
Written with a pleasant, wry voice.
My only question - Did you stop working on your list to get this entry in on time??? :) Nice job on this piece.
(smile) This is funny. Isn't that so common to a lot of us? You should have stretched this out longer. You had a 750 word count. I liked that you didn't show us what kind of list until the end of the story.
Thank you for writing this.
Have you been spying on me? Great story. Very practical!
Oh how I despise a "to do list". It mocks me so. Great job!
This was very clever and stinging ;) . I had a feeling what her list was and could identify with the ways she avoided it. Thanks for sharing your insight with us. Keep writing.
Very cute story. You described me to a T. I have a list of things to do right now, so I better get cracking. :)
Oh this is cute! I liked how you showed how she kept having things pop up. The first person POV in mind was really good! My only note-a bit of RED INK, if you don't mind, was in the line "and was eying" you probably could have used a comma here and let the thoughts string themselves together. Otherwise, really good job! ^_^
How I struggle with lists, but they make me so much more productive. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to stick to them.
GREAT for the topic, and an absolutely PERFECT ending. Congrats on your highly commended - definitely deserved!
Congratulations on your Highly Commended. This probably speaks to way too many of us. Cute story for the topic.
Hi Deb - Your placed 4th Excellent story and well written - boy I sure can relate some days. So happy to see your name there. Looking forward to reading more stories from your pen.
I like your story. How quickly a day can pass without getting anything done. We've all been there. Congratulations on being highly commended. Well deserved