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Wow! This is a very well written article. My interest continued to the very end.
Awesome writing - well done. This one too held my interest to the very end. God bless :)
Great descriptions in this story. You made me feel as though I was there watching it all unfold. Well done, very well done indeed.
Nicely written...I was in the scene AND you've reminded me to make hay. A good story with a message. I like that. Keep writing and fighting!
Are you sure you're a beginner? This was such a well-written, fascinating story. Great job!
The title grabbed my attention and the story held it to the end. Good job.
Excellent writing! Very engaging story with a great message.
Wow! What imagery and feeling! Even though I'm not usually a fan of war stories, this one intrigued me. It could easily be part of an historical novel. I hope you consider it.
Thank you for writing this.
Very good--reminded me of Ambrose Bierce or Stephen Crane.
Patrick, after I saw your hint today, I had to come back. I was tired last night when I left my first comment, so it didn't convey how much I enjoyed this. You have extraordinary talent in my humble opinion. I am a history buff and I agree with the comment above about this being expanded into a novel. I would read it for sure! Excellent work.
Brilliant! This piece is full of the atmosphere and action that characterises Cornwell's Sharpe Series.
Excellent read. You are very talented. God bless.
I think I said this last week, but surely it can't be long before I am reading your excellent stories in Intermediate and Advanced.
Really enjoyed the mood, setting, descriptions and message. You made it such that almost any of those characters could give a nod and you would sit beside them to hear their own, personal story.
One of the best that I have read on any level. Fantastic job!
If I didn't know better, I'd have thought I was reading an entry on the Masters level.

Not only does this piece reinforce the theme of the week, a transformation happened to that Chaplain. He realized that this wasn't a time for condemnation and sermons of judgment, nor was it a time to quit. It was an opportunity to serve and be a comforting source of light to those in a time of darkness and despair.

Nice work. You can write the novel God has laid upon your heart and many more.
This is a wonderful piece. You pulled me in and kept me engaged throughout. I would like to read more of this story.
You set the stage so well, the charaters felt right at home. Loved this line- "The dusty blue uniform hung on him like a cheap sack." Keep writing like this..I see good things ahead for you.
This certainly hits the topic spot on this week. I was with you all the wya especially through the suspense of waiting for something to happen, but nothing ever really quite happening and then when the blow came. ouch. THe ending kept the tone perfectly. Great job. ^_^
This is the best piece that I have read from you so far Patrick (though they all have been good). I think you will be moving on up soon.

I saw a few places where you needed commas and didn't have them, but I do that all the time, and it's easy to fix.

You definitely did a good job with this. Thank you for sharing.
***Congrats on your win!*** ^_^
No wonder folks have been raving about this - and no wonder it did so well. Patrick, this is absolutely EXCELLENT. You have set the scene wonderfully, your characterization is first-rate, and the story is amazingly compelling. Congratulations. Wow.
Congratulations on your 2nd place. Nice job with the topic.
Congratulations. See you in level 2!!!!
This story is very well written, hooked me right away and kept my interest. Your descriptions are powerful. I felt as if I was right there. Great job and congratulations on taking second place. Very well deserved. God Bless
I agree with all of your glowing comments. This is fantastic, Patrick. Congratulations!
Patrick, I'm in charge of picking articles to be featured on the Front Page showcase (on the FW home page). I'd love to feature this excellent story for the week of April 7. Congratulations!
Hi Patrick - congratulations on 2nd place excellent writing skills. Kept my interest to the end. Could sense the frustration and pain of the Chaplin - Joseph Meyers. Enjoyed the ending. Thank you so much for setting such a great example to learn from your writing - Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading another story.
I'm happy to see that this article is being featured on the homepage. A very good read.
This is perfect for the topic and excellently written. Congrats on your level placing AND being the FaithWriter Frontpage Showcase author for this week!
This could be the beginning of a novel for sure!!! I like how I felt a part of the scene. Excellent work in showing what was happening at the campsite. I also felt the frustration and pain of the chaplain. I pray you value this special gift you have received from the Lord.