The Official Writing Challenge
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Nice writing.

I would have liked to have seen more depth to the MC though. Could have used more info as to how she was trying to help reconciliation with her husband take place - was she e-mailing him, and he wasn't answering; or, was she passively waiting for him to e-mail first, etc. I feel it would help give the reader more empathy with MC. Just thoughts to consider... :)

God Bless.
Very clever to use the Writing Challenge as a story for your entry. Yes, I could sympathise with your MC. Don't we love the encouragement we receive from the comments. It has lifted my heart many times.

You have talent, keep honing it and using it for God's glory. Well done.
An inspiring message for all of us to use the gift God gave us. Definitely keep writing!
I liked the format of your story. Yvonne is great about leaving comments. Continue to pen those stories.
Don't lift me up too high, I'm just using my gift of encouragement to reach out to others who might be struggling. I'm glad I was there when you needed a boost.
Writing is therapeutic. I know it helps me to work through some rough times in my life.I pray that you will be able to draw closer to the Lord and your husband.
Thank you for writing this. Keep writiing.
You title sums things up beautifully: Just keep writing. That's what we do. Writing through the good and bad. Studying how to improve, practicing, and encouraging eachother to always keep writing. FW is a super place for all that, and we're blessed with encouragers here. :)