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Oh, I like this! So marvelous to see the hand of God working in many ways in this sweet story.

FYI: "ComplEment" is something that completes or makes perfect. You wanted "complIment"--to speak favorably.

The pacing of this is just right--I felt breathless and rushed during the accident, and peaceful and releived at the end.
Such a wonderful story. Shows how God works in mysterious ways.
Just a couple typos your spell check couldn't find.
Very inspirational story.
Very Touching story; brought me close to tears. God Hears our Prayers. Beautifully written. Love this Piece God bless, Helen Harris

Good storytelling and example of the topic.
this is a great story of God's amazing ways... years ago a friend of mine slipped and fell on ice, while holding her baby girl. X-rays of the girl showed she had a tumor...without the fall, it would have been discovered too late! Isn't God Awesome!!!
Perfectly on topic! So relieved for Mikey! I was afraid when they called him back in that things got worse :-) You had me caught up in the story!
Ahhh! There are so many children that just need a little attention, to show them God's love.
This was written very well. I could feel the anxiety, that turned to thankfulness.
Great writing.
This is great! It really illustrates the topic and I want to just say I hope you have more.