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I love this! What a great reminder of how blessed we really are. Well written, wonderful dialogue and a great illustration of the topic.
This is very, very good. We are far too complacent about what we have here in America, and your Alana was a wonderful, and humble way of reminding us of this.
Great story. I enjoyed reading it.
Such a sweet story! Great job. You had me from the first word to the last :-)
Wow! This is well done!
I liked how you gave that 'teenage' attitude to Jake. Alana seems like such a sweet girl. You added a lot of character without actually saying it.
Great writing.
Great job on the dialogue...I could really 'hear' her broken English. This is a wonderful take on the topic. Keep writing!
This is VERY well-written and extremely realistic. I like this story for the topic, because it contains a silver message as well.
What a great reminder to all of us...and what a great teacher for recognizting the valueable "teaching-tools" in his own classroom.
Awesome story, and very well written. Loved it.
Wow. This is powerful. I loved the character of Alana and how she managed to change Jake without really doing anything, but being herself. The change in character is amazing and I bet she's a great silver lining. lol. Nice! ^_^
What a great story! I love how Alana won Jake over with her sweet spirit. We really take our freedom for granted.
I liked the gradual change that took place in Jake's life until he was finally overcome with remorse and ultimately gratitude for what he had. I also enjoyed the dialogue between the characters. Keep up the great work and God bless.
Wow, what a beautuful story. Very well written, and the characters had great depth. Thanks for sharing this and reminding us all how precious our freedom is!
***Congratulations on your win!*** It's up to leve 2 you go! ^_^ Great writing!
Congratulations! What a well deserving piece...
Celeste, I'm planning to feature this awesome story in the Front Page showcase for the week of November 10. Look for it on the FaithWriters home page, and congratulations!
I hate to admit it, but I hardly ever read the showcase articles...just not enough time in my day. But yours really caught my attention and I couldn't stop reading. Excellent!
Beautiful story, and well done. Great use of dialog.
This is a wonderful story! I remember one year we had an Ehtiopian family come to our Thanksgiving dinner. When we went around, telling what we were thankful for, we were amazed and humbled by their thankfulness for America! It's so easy to take our blessings for granted. I'm glad your story was featured this week.