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Don't you love history? I certainly do! A 750 word article on George Washington can be a daunting task so I applaud you for making the attempt.
Loved this! I adore history, so this was a treat to read. It also fit in well with the topic.
Quite a few facts that are new to me!

As a favor to your readers--and extra "enter" at the end of each paragraph, please?

Thanks for this interesting and informative article.
Wow.. very cool historical story and nice job writing. Try not to use the same word .. for example.. colony/colonies is used several times in one paragraph.

Great job.. keep learning and keep writing.
You taught me a few new facts about Washington that I hadn't heard before!
An extra space between paragraphs will help the reader.
Our society ought to go back to the faith and integrity of our fore-fathers. Thanks for writing this.
He is such an extraordinary figure in our country's history and I love learning about him. Well-written and informative. I would like to see a more clear-cut tie-in to the topic, but this is very good regardless. Keep it up!