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You have woven a masterful tribute. Your vivid writing is filled with compelling description and powerful emotion. What a gracious gift that the parents could take her beautiful twin home.
With writing such as this, I expect to see you moving up rapidly.
this story strikes "close to home" for me. Recently a young couple in our church experience a similar situation. Their faith has been a monumental testimony to their unsaved families.

At the time of their son's death, I had a similar vision of Jesus holding up the baby, showing him off to the angels....

What a story, what a couple and what an Awesome God!
This is a very well-written story. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Lovely, truly lovely.
Powerful writing and vivid descriptions. Your talent shines in this piece. Keep writing.
The best I've read this week. Stunning.
I thought I had already commented but guess not! LOL.. I feel for you having 3 preemies of my own... I can't imagine losing one... especially a twin. Beautiful writing, inspiring story!
Wow! Oh my goodness, this left me speechless.
I concur with other reviewers here. The words you have written here do much more than anything I could begin to say. Simply wonderful!
Wonderful title and realization of our time has already been allocated. I feel we have a placer here. This is wonderful, I hope the family is blessed by your thought telling of their tale.
You do not write like a beginner. This is wonderful. It made me weepy. I like the tribute at the end, too.
Huge lump in my throat as I write. Excellent! And it's expecially touching, knowing that it's a true story.
This story is so good, it would even play without, hardly any, adjectives. Your a great story teller and conveyer of God's heart. Thank you for sharing.
I'm speechless. This could touch so many lives.
Wow...Tears have welled up in my eyes as I write this comment. You pulled me in, and you didn't let go. I felt the pain; I felt the hope. Your masterful word use made the story that much more effective. I see you moving up another level Michele.
This brought tears to my eyes. Your writing drew me into this story and the accompanying pain and shimmer of hope at the end.
This was absolutely beautiful. So sad but beautifully moving. What a wonderful tribute to faith and love. Well done! Very well done Michelle!
I really hope this does well. It is a heart-wrenching trip to go up and down with life and death. How beautiful and different. You did really well with descriptions, I loved the line with 'marinating in numbness' VERY descriptive. ^_^
I don't cry easily but you got me this time. Wow. I can't even find words...awesome writing. I hope you place, sweet lady. This was amazing.
How heartbreaking, and yet uplifting. My eyes watered on this one. Great writing.
I don't think you'll be in beginners long - great writing!
This is incredibly masterful - I KNOW you will not be in beginners for long. This is simply amazing. Wonderful, wonderful writing.
Whoo hoo! Awesome writing! Congrats on your win...and head on up to level 2! ^_^ Great job!
Congrats, Michele. This was amazing!
Congratulations on your 2nd place. This is absolutely wonderful. Very good writing--very heartfelt. Awesome. (I can't come up with anymore words.) Thanks for sharing this, it will minister to many.