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Very cute story and loved the ending! Loved the title too! Very well-written - you're very good! God bless :)
This was a fun read, and I'm glad for the silver lining.
Nice to hear about life on another continent, another culture. Thanks.
Love the ending! Super for this week's topic.

I'd have liked a bit more of the feel of the trip--sensory details about the train, the scenery, etc. It was described, but not really felt.

I'd love to take a journey like that some day.
What a cool story! I like it! And love your silver lining. What an exciting time.
I would love to have the opportunity to have to take a trip to get in my MC's head.. LOL! I enjoyed your story and it was fun to hear a story from a writer MC!
Love your title, and the story was very entertaining. Your last line cinched it for me, though. :)
I love the title of this piece. It makes me want to take a trip right now, though I wouldn't want to have the same outcome as you had. At least it all worked out in the end.

This story fits the topic perfectly, and it was superbly written. I really enjoy your stories. :)
I'm glad this trip ended on a positive note!
I love the sense of place that I felt with this. I also want more, more, more details--because I was fascinated with the train trip and because I don't know Australia. But 750 words only go so far. You left me hungry for more, but I'll settle for the tea and the breakfast! ;-)
This story began well and I felt like I was right there on the train. The last third felt more like telling than showing. Overall, an enjoyable read. I want to find out about the next trip!
Awww, that's a great ending. I'm glad that she didn't take out her frustrations on the crew and that her first 'research' opportunity was so fun. I felt as if I were going along on the trip too, great job with the -you-are-there-atmosphere. I liked it. ^_^
Excellent story. A suggestion would be to involve the reader's senses a bit more. You have the story telling down, just give is something to smell, feel, hear or see. Be encouraged and keep up the good work.
I loved the voice in this piece, it was delightful. I'd be grinning like a fool, too if I'd ever get to go on a research trip. LoL. Loved it!
Hi: Excellent story, Well writing and I enjoyed it very much. Keep writing look forward to reading another.