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Awesome story! Perfect story for this week's assigment and well done! God Bless! :)
I love it! You deftly develop the characters, and the twist at the end is priceless.
With writing like this, I expect to see you moving up rapidly.
The story switched perspectives in a rather confusing fashion, but the story itself was a pleasant read and fit the topic well.
Well done. I love it when the protagonist of a story is in a wheelchair, having a daughter with a similar disability.

When addressing a person in dialogue, be sure to set their name apart with a comma. For example, "Would you like the usual Charlie?" should be "Would you like the usual, Charlie?" Otherwise, it reads as if "Charlie" is something on the menu. There are other similar instances throughout.

This is unique and entertaining.
Very nice story! Just a little spit shine and it will be really well done. Great job!
I loved your twist at the very end. This was an excellent story. I appreciate you sharing it.
Very nicely written! I got a little confused at the end, but you held my attention all the way through! Very good.
Ah, nice ending. YOu got me! :)
A good story. I enjoyed reading this one.
Great story...fitting for the topic.
Great job on the story and twist. I really enjoyed reading this one. Keep up the good work!
What a wonderful story. I love the ending. Great writing. :-)
Great twist at the end here, I'm glad that there was something good that could come out of all that 'badness'. You did well with describing this little diner sort of place without really telling us how everything looked, I pieced together little bits as I read though and enjoyed the read. ^_^
This was smooth reading. I enjoyed the end very much.

I enjoyed the "life" feel to this story. You have an anointed voice. Be encouraged and keep up the good work.
Nice twist there! It's always neat to see how God works out details.