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Congratulations! What an encouraging story. This brought back many memories of my own schooltime struggles..although I had to laugh when you mentioned your GPA in 7th grade. I don't even know what mine was when I graduated! :) Welcome to the working world.
Excellent testimony of your struggle with anxiety in your youth! I can understand the battle you faced at that time in your life. My daughter experienced the same thing---I homeschooled her for a season---now she is back at school and doing well. I think she gained similar strength as you have and has chosen to not allow it to ruin her adult life.
I was also plagued with anxiety attacks for years.
Well written--I can see the silver lining at the end of your story as you carry on in the face of anxiety and fear. Great job!
Well done! And a wonderful testimony for others to show God's grace and strength when we reach out to Him! God bless! :)
Thank you for sharing this. The scripture that you took your title from was one that I clung to for a long time. I'm sure many of us can relate.
Eesh..I had the same times of sobbing outside my school while sitting in the car with my mom! Nicley written.. and congrats on your degree!
A moving testimony--thank you for sharing it.

When addressing someone in dialogue, use a comma to set apart their name. For example, "I can't go in, dad" and "Why am I going through this, God?"

I know a few people with similar panic issues--this will be inspiring to them.
Thank you so much for sharing this piece. You did a nice job writing it. I'm sure it is very common. Keep up the good work.
What a moving testimony. So authentic and real, yet well-written to take the reader along with you.
Few minor things: When writing an interjection that substitutes a person's name, it should be capitalized. For instance, "I can't go in, Dad." When you say "my dad," it is not capitalized because you wouldn't say "my Bob." But when you could say, "I can't go in, Bob," there you would capitalize Dad. Make sense? Also, commas and periods always come before quotation marks, at least in U.S...
I was struck by your personal experience and how you used it to learn, as well as your parents love for you to home school you when they didn't feel qualified. God really did His work in all of your midsts. :)
Excellent lesson. I found it a little bit wordy, but your heart and soul shined through and really ministered your mesage.
A good story. I'm sure many people will be able to relate to this experience. Hopefully they will be able to hope for their own "silver lining" ending.
I can relate, brother. Boy could we talk. This personal account had to be tough to write. I pray that God will use your testimony and experiences to help others. And He will. Trust me.
Wow. There are so many out there who can relate. Good for you for listending to God's wisdom. And for graduating. What a wonderful testimony. God Bless.

So glad you can now claim the title of this entry. This tooks guts, so glad you ventured forth. keep up the good words.
You are brave to share this. It is touching, not to mention well written. Thumbs up.
You have captured the feelings of fear that teens can feel when going into high school, there is so much pressure on them, and it can seem like an insurmountable problem.

I'm so glad your father understood, and that later on, the Lord, reminded you that you will get through with HIS help. Wonderful story, well done! :)
Incredible testimony Josh. Panic attacks are horrific, I watched my mom suffer terribly with them. Praise God that you accepted His help.
Nice piece. It's funny, every adolescent goes through at least one trial where they feel like they're all alone. If more people could share like you did, that might not be the case.
So much emotion here. You did great with describing the feelings of anxiety and all that strikes when we least want it to. I'm glad that there was a happy ending though. That's the best kind of silver lining. ^_^
What a terrible condition to have as a child! I'm so glad you were able to overcome it and get your degree! That is a testament to your perseverence. Fascinating story. You had me glued all the way to the end. Well done!
What a great entry. Thank you for sharing your testimony. Congrats on overcoming such a crippling emotional condition. This is another wonderful example of both God's goodnes and faithfulness. Way to go!
A very encouraging story - I hope that some day you will share "the rest" of the story. I wish you'd had more words to share some of how God led you through those years in college. What an accomplishment, Josh.
God is so good! Not only did He use that time in your life, He'll use your testimony now to help others as they struggle along the same path. Reach out to them and let your light shine. :)
Thanks for sharing such a personal story and for seeing the silver lining to encourage others.
Very good story, and good writing. I am glad you mentioned the demons--that is definitely what held me in bondage to panic attacks, too. Thank you for sharing this very personal story.
Thanks for sharing this very personal, painful story. Works well for the topic and is very encouraging.
I really liked the happy ending to the story and how fear was conquered.
I have struggled with anxiety in the past, also, and I too, found that God used it later in my life. Good story. Thanks for the comment on my challenge story, Knock of Death, also.
a really good artical my heart went out to you i had a nervous brakdown with panic attacks and agraphobia but the lord helped mer through when most of my family didnt understand and just told me to either sink or swim it was a very lonely and worrying time
glad you conqured it
god bless
Much wisdom, moving us to know that God will take us beyond the place our fears. Praise God! Great story!