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Very good descriptions. I had no problem at all picturing the girl, the boy, or the baby.

However, I am trying to understand what your silver lining was. I took it that the baby was the silver lining to her mistake, and yet the baby also seemed to remind her of bad memories. It's probably just me over analyzing things.

Regardless, you definitely have writing talent, and I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing.
Oh, I liked this. I could feel the crush she had.
I think that I can see the topic...the MC was raped, and the baby was the silver lining. Great job.
Beautiful illustration of how God can turn all things for good... Good writing.
You captured the topic very well, and I like the subtlety in your writing.

I think you may have had words left, which you could probably use to good advantage for a bit more character development, and/or hints about the direction things took at the party.
I love your descriptions of the characters and would have enjoyed knowing more about what happened. Keep writing!
Babies truly are a silver lining! I liked your descriptions in this piece. Keep on writing!
Lyrical, moody--I like it.

A minor tense switch in the last paragraph, easy to fix.
The abrupt change near the end threw me a bit but very good imagery :-) Keep writing!
This is very deep, holding much truth in it. Truly a sweet, innocent baby is a silver lining to a cloudy experience.
Nice entry. Good job. :)