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The ultimate act of love! Thank you for this story. There are many heroes just like Nick. Let's not forget them!
This story touched me deeply on so many levels. Only God knows why he chose to take Nick home and leave his family to mourn their son. I know they feel proud that he sacrificed himself for his fellow soldiers, in spite of tremendous fear.
I'm glad that his thoughts were with the Lord his last day.
And I feel some comfort in the knowledge that Nick will never feel fear again, though my heart breaks for his family.
Thank you for sharing. God bless.
Wow! As I sit here typing, trying to clear my watery eyes I am again reminded that freedom is a very costly thing. I'm so, so sorry for this family and for countless other families, but am also intensely grateful for their ultimate sacrifice. Thanks for sharing this.
Very well-written and a timely message.
No greater love. . . Powerful story. Thank you for sharing this. I pray daily for our soldiers and their families, and I can't even begin to imagine the feeling of pain of the loss of an only child, yet feeling incredibly proud of the extreme sacrifice and bravery he showed. So glad the Holy Spirit prompted him to write a letter to his family. God bless :)
Shayne, I'm in charge of finding excellent articles for the Front Page showcase, and I'd like to feature this entry for the week of April 28. Look for it on the FW Home Page, and congratulations!
This was a terrific story! It kept me spell-bound the whole way through. How much we owe those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom...How proud this father is for his brave son...How sad the story...How sad the ending, but not a surprise....I'm glad the father got the letter....God bless you in your writing...Helen
Wow! You took us inside with this poignant letter. This is very well written. I'm glad you are the FW Frontpage Showcase author this week with this.
The honesty on subjects like courage and fear, sacrifice and love are what takes this story to a higher, deeper level. The soldier's narrative expresses how both the base and the noble drives the man; but in the end it is love that wins out, not flawed human love, but that which is imparted from beyond the self from God.