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WOW, what a story in such a short form. Loved your thoughts and the lesson learned. Keep up the good words.
I remember those "bad" days. I long for them now that my kids are 15 and 18. This was a sweet illustration of the proverb. I like that the mom apologized, forgave herself, and would start fresh the next day... Good story!
Oh oh oh, I love this! The last line brought tears to my eyes. Just beautiful.
Sweet, and that last line is a "two kleenex" one. Nice job.
Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. So short, yet so much conveyed. I so love the last line!!!
Ah, what a mover and shaker of emotions. Simply beautiful.
Nice poetic form. Good examples of the many ways a parent says, "I love you."
Oh, I can relate! You succinctly captured the day of a mom with a small child. Nice work! It's a keeper.
Delightful - and convicting to us mothers. Love the title too.
Jodie, I'm fresh out of red ink. Sorry. Not.
I remember those days. You captured them perfectly in this excellent poem.
You conveyed so much in so few words. The ending was perfect. One of my favorites in Beginners this week. I appreciate you sharing this.
Sweet and eloquent - what more could a reader want?
Super job!
I can almost hear the child saying, "Show me you love me, mommy!" And then turns around and shows her, unconditionally. This one reads like a song!
Ouch! I can totally relate to this...beautifully done.
Beautiful! I felt sad for seeing the repeating "I love you" and then the 'consequence' that followed. I loved the ending and glad that it turned out right. Nice job! ^_^ (and cute title!)
I remember those kinds of days so well. Even now after they're grown and gone, the guilt will come back. Wonderfully written, and heart breaking. Great job!