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Beautifully, powerful rendition of the passage. Nicely done. :)
with some smoothing out, this would be a super piece!
Wonderful job showing Mary's emotions in worship. I love this piece - excellent!
There is so much here. I had never thought of this story from this angle. Thanks for the retelling and keep writing!
I often buy the flowers from which nard comes—their scent fills the house—it is truly a beautiful and powerful smell. So I could "smell" your story. The revelation at the end was particularly beautiful.
Absolutely excellent - you put me right there. Wow.
Oh, this is powerful and moving. Excellent piece. Anointed.
This nearly brought me to tears. You transported me to the home, and I could picture Jesus sitting there. Wow. You have great talent. I don't think that you will be in Beginners for very long. Thank you for blessing me.
I really enjoyed this. It pulled me right in. I felt the emotions. Great job.
This is one of my absolute favourite Bible stories and you have done an fantastic job on retelling it. What an amazing example of the topic. Excellent! Very well done indeed.
You're no beginner! Keep writing!
I love when Bible stories are told in new way to bring new life to the familiar.
You are NOT a beginner writer! I see so much talent in your writing and I loved every bit of this story. I saw a few lines in the beginning that were a bit akward, but not enough so to spoil the reading. I'm so glad the women was Mary, Martha's sister, in your story. I've often seen her portrayed as a prostitute, but I think Biblically she is Mary from Bethany, Jesus's friend. Lovely writing ... you will go far on FW.
Powerful, anointed and excellently written! God bless you.
Beautiful and moving. Great job.
This powerful rendition of the Bible story is way, way better than a beginner's. I was right there seated with the others around the Lord. You did a magnificent job. I predict you'll be moving out of beginners...soon.
Your writing is so engaging I held my breath because the exchange was such a holy moment. You did an outstanding job, you won't be in beginners long!
I love bible stories that come alive and this was wonderful. Great job portraying Mary. You won't be in beginners long.
This is really well done! I liked the title with "It's not enough" It just struck me as being so fitting! I really like how you described it. The you-are-there atmosphere is really good. Nice job! ^_^
Wow, this is a beautiful piece! Thanks for writing it and congrats on the win. Up to intermediate for you!
Congratulations Michele! Looking forward to reading more of your work.
Congratulations on your 1st place. This is excellent writing, and a beautiful retelling of the Bible story.
You helped me experience the story as if I were actually there. That is a true God-given gift. Keep writing.
way to go Chely! congrats!
Excellent story thanks.
Congrats! Awesome job!
Wow! Great writing here! Loving it!