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Beautiful story demonstrating the topic. :)
This was a creative way to demonstrate the topic. I enjoyed it very much!
a very touching story...
could have also gone well w/ this week's topic...dark clouds and silver linings!
Well written and great story. Thanks for sharing.
Beautiful illustration of the topic. Touching also.
Great story. A few tiny typos, but nothing distracting. Consider getting a challenge buddy to help you proofread. Keep writing.
This is a great example of the topic in so many areas. You've done a great job writing from a woman's perspective. One could be forgiven for thinking it was a true story.
Well done.
My parents were big on words either, but the actions counted. Well done.
Wonderful story on the power of Love; Actions do speak louder than words, don't they? Keep writing. Nicely done.
Creative idea. Nice job fitting so much description into the word count guidelines.
VERY well-written and creatively presented. My mom also had damage in her vocal chords after a car wreck, and it was so difficult for her to talk sometimes. I always knew she loved me, though. Great job thinking outside the box.
I agree that this was a great, creative take on the topic and very well done! Great job!
Perfect for topic, I loved Deborah's character! Keep up the good words.
Great illustration of the topic. I think you did a fine job with the female perspective.
Tender and sweet - and I am VERY impressed with your sstreeetttchhh to write in the female POV. Love the message too - and how well you showed it.
Great creative story! It's great on the topic!

At first I was thinking I would have liked a hint that she couldn't talk because somehow the sign lanuguage caught me off guard. However, after re-reading I realized this was "my bad" and you described it when talking about the car wreck. (Blame it on my ADD)

This really is tender and I especially like the ending where we see the mother's fears were unfounded. Her love is clear to her child. Really, really great!
Very well done at showing how love is revealed. I thought the husband's questions about her parents' showing love was excellent.
YAY , Josh! Good job on female POV. Good job on the topic. Good job on improving your writing. What else can I say? Good Job!!!
I loved this! You captured a precocious 4 year old perfectly, and the emotions from the MC were great. This is very strong writing.
Beautiful Story. I too am impressed with the mother's POV you used. Great for this topic!
Ok, I just have one question- how is it that you know how it feels to be pregnant? I can't get over how well you got into Deborah's head. This was wonderful, Josh. Very touching and believable in every way. I'd like to challenge you to write about Deborah going through menopause. If you can do that, I'll hire you myself.
Cute and Creative take on the topic. Good job
Congratulations! You did a great job with this!
Beautiful entry here - thank you. Congrats on the 'Highly Commended', you really did a great job on this piece.
Congratulations on your highly commended. This is a beautiful story, and written very well. Excellent job with the topic.
Oh this is cute. I liked the twist with the sign-language. and yes, how true it is that with out the actions behind them, 'saying I love you' can be meaningless. Very well done, congrats on your highly commended. ^_^
Congratulations on your highly commended. AWEsome piece!!!!
Congrats on the highly commended ribbon! What a wonderful piece of writing.
Oh Josh, you make the perfect mute pregnant lady. ROLF! What great writing! Maybe you should write from a woman's view point again. Just a thought:) I love this story. It had everything a Lifetime or Hallmark movie is known for. Great job!