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You get the "First Tears of the Day" award. As someone that has made and received meals for that very reason, it resonated to me. Most things that were said to me during that darkness of grief were said with good intentions, but some were actually cruel. I heard, from someone I LOVE, "Maybe God knew you couldn't handle twins...":(

Kudos for nailing the topic, and using an illustration where words are almost always wrong. Great job.
Very touching story - thanks for sharing! God bless :)
A touching, well written story. God Bless.
Thanks for a beautiful message, very well written. It really spoke to me!
Great story. An extra line between each paragraph would make it easier to read. Keep writing.
Very touching story. It's true that words are sometimes not necessary when the act of giving is from the heart! Good story!
Wow. This was a great story. It was well written, and it really hit the core of what this week's topic is about.

The lack of paragraph whitespace made it a little difficult to read, but I didn't have a hard time staying engaged from start to finish. Excellent work. Keep on writing.