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Awesome tie-in of the topic and the Great Commission. Good job:)
Fascinating story—you had me from beginning to end. Well done.
An interesting story. I could see this being part of a longer story where you tell more about the people who received the Bibles. Keep writing.
Interesting...almost like the parable of the Sower and the Seeds. I think you could have shown a stronger contrast of the two days, somehow.
Good job, keep writing.
I wrote an article for my website about the "Sower and the Seeds" parable in The Bible, and I agree that this felt like a fresh take on that parable. I enjoyed it. I was interested in knowing more, so maybe you can post an expanded version later on if you feel like doing so. Thanks for sharing! :)
Very good take on the topic. I had to read to the end to find out what happened. I loved your description of the airport coming to life. Isn't it wonderful that God's word never returns empty! Well done.
What a great idea! I especially loved the descriptions in the first paragraph. My only advice and only because I'm reading this from writing how to books (not because I have it mastered!) is to watch adverb use and to keep verbs active. I saw a "had" followed by a verb and it slows the action down, and your writing is too crisp for that! I really enjoyed this, keep it up!
I enjoyed this unique and intriguing approach to the topic, as well as the excellent description of the setting.
Some very sound writing here and good grasp of moving a story along. This story made me think (which is a complement to the writer) why are Christians so shunned? Does our reputation precede us in that people are turned off even before the first word is heard or read? Anyway, this fine artilce had me thinking this. Hope to see more of your work in the future.
I liked the story line. The writing is good overall, and interesting.

Two negatives: There might be too many adverbs and it also seemed that the story suggested an idea opposite of the challenge.
I liked this. It was a different sort of 'story' and I liked the ending. It gave some hope.