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I loved this story. It sounds like this really happened. And I could see why this small gesture would leave an everlasting impression.

Good job :-)
What a sweet and well told story...I loved it.
Well done! The expression was great.
This is great. Really good writing!
Lovely story, and what a wonderful gesture. Nice work.
Beautiful story and well told. Thanks for sharing - keep up the great writing! God Bless :)
Thank you for sharing this. It was beautiful. Thank God for Godly leaders, especially those who know how to reach out to teens.
Sweet story. Some great phrases and descriptions in this piece. Keep writing.
This was a nicely crafted story. It is truly a demonstration of "actions speak louder than words". Great job...A+
Wow! Nice writing, I loved, loved, loved your story! You won't be in beginners long. The title really drew me in too.
Wow! You did a great job with setting, character, plot, etc. You showed the topic excellently.
I give this story a great big
Very good demonstration of the topic. I have a feeling that this really happened, and if not, you have me totally convinced that it did. Great job! :)
Excellent description of the emotional turmoil teens go through. Your development of the MC was very real. Nice job. :)
I love it when she says that even her horse thinks little of her. You truly captured the exaggerated emotions that teens feel.
Very well done. Like everyone else, I'm convinced this really did happen? Did it? :) Keep up the great work!
Very nice story and well written. It is amazing how Jesus with skin can impact our hearts and lives and we never forget those special acts of kindness at just the needed moment.
How sweet! I love it- "Jesus with skin on". What a wonderful memory to have. I really enjoyed this story and felt like I was there in the camp with you. This was well worth the wait for that brick to land. Great job.
Lynne, you forgot the tissue warning. :-)
You carried all of my senses away to the ranch, and enveloped my heart with the loneliness, isolation, and then encouragement of compassion.
Oooh, this was good! I liked the wildflowers, isn't it amazing what one little action can do to brighten up an entire life? You did great with showing that. I loved this piece!