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You bring out some great thoughts and insight. With a little finesse and editing this could be even better. Keep it up.
A lot of great ideas here. Think about putting a few paragraphs into your work. Makes for easier reading and understading of your thoughts. Lots of great writing here keep up the good work.
Great ideas but it would make for easier rerading if it was broken up into paragraphs. Well done
Good thoughts! It would help the reader if you divided your thoughts into paragraphs,(putting an extra space between paragraphs also).
Good job, keep writing.
It's true that it is much easier to run from something rather than face it head on. However, it is the people who do face things that end up seeing the most success.

As already mentioned, putting some whitespace between ideas really helps the reader. Thank you for sharing. Keep on writing.
These are valid points. This needed some paragraphing to make the reading easier. Keep writing.