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I loved the last line...
Oh to always have the "smile and skip" attitude! Nice story.
A good example of contentment.
Very heartwarming. And, I, too, really liked your last line.
Excellent lesson. A few "fixes" like "gait" instead of "gate" and "Innocence" rather than "innocense" would make this even better. Good story.
Very nice story. Very delightful read.
What a powerful account! I have found myself in a similar position quite a few times. It's difficult to know when to offer and when not too. Years ago when we lived in a small town here in South Africa I did pay the small difference. the person concerned was very grateful. Nice story.
Very sweet story with excellent descriptions! Enjoyed it thoroughly! note... a writing buddy would be able to help you with small things like spelling, typos, punctuation, etc. Overall, a very touching account!
What a good example of a well-raised child! I, too, noticed a few spelling and grammar errors, but having someone else check it over before submitting will help with that.
Good message, keep writing.
As suggested already, a writing buddy could help you take this touching story and make it even better. Good lesson for all of us. Keep on writing!