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Hilarious! The repeated line is really effective, too.
Very creative poem! If I'm reading this right, um, you can't stand that girl? Good job!
I think you had a LOT of fun writing this... I really enjoyed reading it. These lines brought a smile to my face, "I can’t stand that girl, She shops in a boutique, I can’t stand that girl, All my clothes are Walmart chic!" Your repeating line is very effective. Keep writing!!
Super fun poem - I love the irony of "can't stand that girl, just wish her life was mine." And of course Walmart chic - my mode of dress also. Nicely done on this topic!
Very well written. I get the impression you have a problem with that girl. Yes, WalMart is about my standard too. Boutiques just don't cater for the my style (well hardly a 'style').
So well written and so much fun. Your nose cutting- well, hair cutting really, is going to be with your MC for a while. Well done Marlene.
Oh! this is fun, love it. You have a great since of humor.
YOu know, isn't it SO TRUE that when we allow jealousy to overwhelm us, we are actually just spiting our own face. The misery that comes from that is as bad as any other illness. Great job skirting the topic with this light-hearted, yet insightful poem.
This almost reads like sister rivalry! I loved the repeating line, it just summed up the whole piece and was so funny to see what happened here! I actually sort of read it with a tune in my head...think about turning it into a song? Nice work! ^_^
So perfect on many levels, I feel we have a placer here.