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Oh, this is good! I wanted to scream at her--don't delete it! You've really captured in a very nuanced and masterful way this woman's hurt and frustration.

I was going to say "Cliched, and unrealistic dialog" as a joke, but this piece is just too good to joke about. Very, very well done.
Nice take on the topic. An excellent cautionary tale, both for those of us who leave red ink, and those who might be prone to take it to seriously.
Well written! Hopefully she goes to her recycle bin in the computer before it totally goes away! God bless :)
Awww! I think every writer has been in this situation at one point. Hopefully, they move beyond to see the value of those "red inks".
You could have gone a little further by describing a few members of the group, or more about your story...why you thought it was good, etc.
Good writing.
Keep it up.
Your attack on the topic touches everyone here at FW, I'm sure. :)
Excellent story. Your talent shows. Keep writing.
I'll admit that when I first ventured into writing, I didn't like to have the flaws pointed out. However, now I can't live without the feedback that others give me (both good and bad). The red ink has helped me see mistakes that would have otherwise prevented my writing from being as effective as I would have liked it to be.

Very good story with a good lesson for us all. Don't delete out of frustration! :)
How many times have I been in these shoes!?! Thank you for sharing this.
I had these same feelings a few weeks ago. :) Great illustration of the topic, and a lesson.
Your piece flows so well and yes, very realistically. You combined emotion and pride together perfectly. Great job.
Great story. We've all been there. I personally love the red ink, it's what helps me grow as a writer. Keep writing.
Congratulations, Nicole.
Oh dear, can't we all relate to that at some stage of our writing life. Congratulations on your lovely Blue Ribbon, Nicole, well done!!!
Hi Nicole - I can see why you won, great writing - You really expressed the struggles of writing - I was working on one story and I can relate to her loss at the end - although mine was I 'forgot to save'. Thank you so much for sharing and look forward to read more of your stories.
I can relate. I'm about 5 months into my first writers group. Sharing from my heart to total strangers was a battle I thought I'd never overcome. It reminded me of growing pains in a way, but it's a true blessing in the end.
Great work!!