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This is cute. I hope it's not from a true life experience. However, it is probably often true. Don't cry over spilt milk.
Ohhh...I could feel the emotion. Love will come when you least expect it. Focus on serving the Lord and He will bless you in a wonderful way.
This was a clever exposé of the pain and uncertainty of dating in the Internet age. There is a tendency within FaithWriters to assume that anything written in the first person is by default autobiographical. This isn’t of course always true and I myself have written a number of first person pieces, sometimes even with the narrator as a female. Assuming that your story isn’t a literal confession, I think it would have worked equally well in the third person and hence avoided any confusion.
If this is based on your own life, then I applaud you for waiting on God's leadership. I just wish my adult daughter had been willing to do the same. :[
Good write. :)
This is a nice story, Josh. Keep on writing.
Hang in there, Josh. As far as the personal side of the story, be it love, career, or a passion to do something like writing, God has His own timing and purpose. As far as the written word portion of this, you have done a good job. One thing I caught, when referring to God in pronouns, they should be capitalized. (He, His)

Very well written Josh. I felt that this had a 'relaxed' feel about it as far as voice went. Very conversational, open and honest.
Never be afraid to admit it is from personal experience ;)
Congrats on placing 6th in beginners. Shake off the blues and get to cracking on the next entry. Your getting closer!
I can really feel the emotion in this piece. Very well done.
I enjoyed reading this well written article. Your message, that if you try things, and they don't work out, then just trust God and wait on his timing, rings true to the Christian reader.

nice job.
Josh, I'm in charge of picking articles for the Front Page showcase (look for it on the FW home page), and I'd like to feature this excellent entry for the week of April 14. Congratulations!
This story made me chuckle in spots. My dad tried to get me to try eHarmony, but like it sounds like you decided, it felt like jumping ahead of God for me. Congrats on getting this showcased on FW!! Yay!
You have a lot of wisdom in this well-written entry. Congrats on being the FW Frontpage Showcase author this week!
An enjoyable story. Congrats on having the showcase piece for this week.
A delightful read, Josh. Congrats on getting the "showcase."
Your authenticity is a blessing and will be used by the Lord in so many ways. As a matter of fact, He may use you so much that you won't even have time for a relationship! JK, it will happen before you know it, just when you least expect it. Well done on this piece, and congrats on the showcase!
Well written Josh. Congratulations on your showcase.

CONGRATs on being showcased! Great story, great message!
Congratulations on being showcased Josh. I commend you on your transparency, and also your wisdom to not rush into something outside of God's will, just because you want it NOW.
Eventhough your title made me hesitant, I enjoyed the voice of this piece. If true, please, please, please, wait on the Lord. He knows best. Please, please,please...
Congrats on the Showcase! A very worthy piece. It's current and should easily find a home in a Christian magazine. Many singles need this message... if they're going to go this route, they need should be prepared for anything, and everything, as you have so wonderfully conveyed. Blessings! Angel
Oh, Josh, I really enjoyed reading this. Is it true?

You have so much to offer a Godly woman. Be patient. My WONDERFUL husband was 33 when we met. He'd never been married and didn't have any children. (I'm 10 years younger). I remember the first time I saw his apartment. It was sparsley furnished even though he had a successful career. He said, "I almost bought a bunch of furniture, but then I decided to wait and let my future wife pick it all out." His years of being single I think are part of what make him a wonderful husband and father. He had saved so we were able to move into a brand new home on our wedding day. I am able to stay home. And he appreciates his family because he waited for us.

You've got time. God is faithful. Just use this time to SERVE him (as you are!)

Hey, and I'm a great matchmaker, so let me know what your looking for. LOL.
Josh, I enjoyed reading this. And congrats on being showcased here at FW! :) I've never been married, either, so I can relate to some of the things you said.

What a great story! I loved it! I cannot believe this was in the "beginner" category.

God bless you in your writing!

Crystal Beavin