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There should be more Dots in this world! I like your use of dialogue.
What a great story!
Sadly there are a lot of Millie's in the church and not enough Dots.. Good story. Are you sure you are a beginner? Awesome job..
God Bless
Great story with vivid descriptions and realistic dialogue.
Love the story, the dialogue and the characters. Very descriptive and has a natural, easy flow.
Good job with your character descriptions and personalities. Great writing. :)
A Beginner? Not for long I should think!

Very well written. Very believable dialogue with great characters.

A hearty "Well done!"
Just perfect. I love the straight-talk, the emotion and I felt like I was right there.
Very, very good--but that middle section, with the dialogue? AWESOME.
Great lesson wonderfully wrapped in an engaging story. Nice work.
Fabulous story. Great job with the characterizations and the dialog. I loved it!
I love the character of DOT! She is so precious! I loved how she was brimming over with life and good sense, so when Millie was 'stuck' she was able to help her. The last line-when she got over it, that was just precious! I loved it. I loved the entire piece! Excellent writing! ^_^
You have some really great characterization here in both your dialogue and narrative. Very creative.
Congratulations on 1st place in beginners! Well deserved, and I am celebrating with you!
Congratulations on 1st place in beginners! Well deserved, and I am celebrating with you!
Great story. I felt like I was listening in on this conversation. Congratulations on your win!
I think you did it twice on purpose, just to make sure!
Great story! I'm so happy for you.
1st place - wow!


Congrats on your first place win!!! :)
***Yay! Congrats!***
Great story. Well written with realistic dialogue. Congratulations on winning first place. Well deserved.
A great story. Dot and Millie are very lifelike, I know several them! "Get over it" is something that many of us need to hear, especially in the church. Great story and congrats on winning!
A well deserved first place winner. You definitely aren't a "beginner" anymore. :)
AWWWWWWWW i was sorry it was over, i wanted to read more. A lot of good lessons in this. WONDERFUL !