The Official Writing Challenge
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You are funny! Computers can be so very frustrating but you did a fine job cutting and pasting this week! I give you an A:) Keep on practicing your craft!
(smile) I think some things do go to Singapore! You're learning new things everyday.
Now that you can "cut n'paste", I can't wait to read more of your entries.
You can always make me laugh.
(hugs) yb
Working in the computer field, I know the frustrations these pesky machines can bring. The author made me laugh several times, and I really enjoyed this piece.

I wonder if the comments also travel to Singapore where they are then posted? :)
Hey, you're up on me. I don't know the first thing about attachments! :)
be encouraged we all face challenges but once you are through them you can rejoice and be glad
great artical
Brings back memories of my 1st learning experence. Singapore? I just figured syber Space. More space junk.
Now that I've said this ,I went to leave this comment and went back to see how U spelled Singapore and then couldn't get back here 2 comment?? I had 2 resign on and then I hit paste and wrong message, so it was start over again. I got your name from your comment left on my entry. Of course i thank U, but also This piece is cute, good job. keeping posting
Hey, I'm with you! I know EXACTLY what you mean. I've really accomplished something!!
I just read this AGAIN! And laughed AGAIN! No kidding, I have learned A LOT since coming to FW, and still learning, I hope!!!!!!!