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The title drew me in. I loved how you fleshed out familiar characters from the Bible. Just one minor writing technicality, please pay attention to the use of an apostrophe when showing the possessive case. For example, Mark's not Marks. You have a wonderful flare for telling a story. Good job! Would love to read more of your writing.
Very good story! Excellent. I would work on your dialogue tags. They were a bit distracting. I think you confused Barnabas and Silas once in this paragraph: "Then neither will I Paul. I will minister with John Mark until he has come of spiritual age, as you seem to think it. Until then, go off with Barnabas, and Ill see what our Lord Jesus sees in Brother John Mark that you do not.

Great job! Keep on writing!
Your title is creative, and your story gave a fresh look at a known piece of Biblical history. Very well done, don't stop writing!
Great title. Nicely paced story. I can sympathize with John Mark (perhaps why I clicked on this title). Please keep writing.
Interesting take for this topic. Nice job. :)