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This is different. I like the comparisons with the two stories. Maybe it would have been better, though, if you would have stuck to one and really filled it out. Just a thought... Good job! Keep on writing!
You have two very interesting stories. It might be just me, but they may be a bit of a stretch for this topic. (or perhaps "I Don't Understand" :) ) Regardless, your writing is very good with both of these. I was particularly drawn to your Bible setting entry about the leper. I can see that situation happending, since before Jesus came there were NO healings of lepers. So that wife "didn't understand" either. I really enjoyed reading your entry. Keep writing!
This is a creative and unique entry. I like the comparisons of the two stories...the Biblical and the modern, but both with the same outcome.
Oh wow, this is good! I like the parallel stories, and I get the connection to the topic. You're a very good writer--I expect good things to come from you!
I don't think you'll be in beginners too long if this is any indication of your writing style and ability to tell a story. Simply great writing and the juxtaposition of the two parallel stories was not lost on this reader.
This is a very good take on the topic -- I love the two different illustrations. The writing is very good, and the dialogue is perfect. Nice job with the topic.
Wow! Sometimes the blessings of the Lord come with unexpected side affects, as you wonderfully illustrated. And you couldn't get much more on-topic! Great!
I think this works and is a great story. Very well done!